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SHR/IPL Training Courses

If you stop learning, you stop being good. Therefore, take the opportunity to further your education in the cosmetic field and attend one of our SHR / IPL training courses. You have the choice between our basic or professional IPL-SHR seminars for permanent hair removal and skin improvements. The best thing about it: We offer these training courses completely free of charge to all IQ-Body customers.Regardless of whether you want to gain a foothold in the cosmetics industry, plan your future self-employment or introduce further offers in your studio or practice, our training measures will help you with the implementation and bring you further in life.
All our content is conveyed in an easy and understandable way and put directly into practice in the subsequent practical part. This allows you to test your new knowledge directly on our machines and then successfully use it in your salon. Take the first step into your bright future now and sign up for one of our world-class training courses today!

Increase career opportunities in the field of permanent hair removal and skin improvement now:
  • Planning self-employment in the cosmetics industry
  • Expand your studio’s offer
  • Attracting new clients to your studio
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition in the long term

Basic SHR / IPL training

In our basic training you will receive basic knowledge about permanent hair removal and will be familiarized with the IPL-SHR devices. Each course is divided into a theoretical and a practical part, so that you can put your newly acquired knowledge directly into practice. In the theoretical part, we will inform you about the different hair removal methods, the effect of light energy, the hair structure and cycle as well as possible risks and contraindications. You’ll also get tips on marketing, customer management, and financial planning. Afterwards, they can try out the IPL-SHR hair removal themselves. In the practical part, we will familiarize you with the working material, the IPL-SHR device, the parameter setting and the correct application. Here you can try permanent hair removal on yourself or test it on volunteers – all under the supervision of our experienced training management, of course. And then there’s only one thing left to do: Get your free certificate of successful participation in our basic training!

  • Hair removal options
  • Effect of light energy
  • Basic knowledge about hair and skin
  • Customer advice and contracts
  • Medical history, risks, contraindications
  • Work methodology and procedure
  • Use of working materials
  • Setting of equipment parameters
  • Compliance with protective measures
  • Working with IPL and SHR systems

Professional SHR / IPL training

In our professional training, your IPL-SHR knowledge will be deepened, your professionalism increased and your customer interaction perfected. These courses are also divided into a theoretical and a practical part, so that you can put your newly acquired knowledge of skin improvement directly into practice. In the theoretical part, we first briefly review the basic training so that all participants are on the same page. Then it continues with new information on permanent hair removal in relation to sensitive skin and hair types, photosensitizing medications, crisis management for burns and aftercare options. In addition, you will provide insights into skin improvement with IPL as well as skin refreshing with RF and the treatment process of cosmetic applications. In the practical part, you now have the opportunity to test the cosmetic treatment program yourself and to try out skin improvement with light on volunteers. The seminar ends for you not only with radiantly beautiful skin, but also with an exclusive certificate of successful participation in our professional training!

Hair Removal:
  • Repetition of IPL-SHR basic knowledge
  • Customer advice and customer education
  • Treatment phenomena and borderline cases
  • Problem management in burns
  • Effects of photosensitizing drugs
Skin Improvement:
  • Work methodology and procedure
  • Cosmetic product use
  • Borderline cases and problems
  • Contra-indicators and risk warnings
  • Practical application of IPL and RF