FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which handpiece maintenance service does IQBody offer for which type of device?

    We are happy to offer you handpiece service and device maintenance, always depending on the device manufacturer.

  • What new handpieces can you buy through IQBody?

    You can purchase handpieces from IQBody

  • Do you have refurbisehd handpieces?

    Yes. Our handpiece service prepares your handpieces in such a way that you end up with a handpiece that is as good as new.

  • Does IQBody also offer training?

    Yes. The basic training teaches the safe handling of the treatment equipment through theory and practice, imparts knowledge about the latest hair removal methods, trains you in dealing with customers and also expands your consulting skills.

    Before an IPL treatment, for example, the customer should not pluck their hair but only shave, as the hair serves as an energy conductor for the light pulse.