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Your specialised machines deserve expert care. Trust IQ Body’s experienced technicians to provide top-tier maintenance, ensuring your equipment stays as pristine and effective as the services you offer.

Buying Apparative Cosmetic Devices

Professional use in your institute

IQBody is a seasoned company with extensive expertise in the realms of beauty, fitness, and health. Over the years, we have proudly assisted numerous studios, practices, and institutes by providing them with our cutting-edge, self-developed equipment. Our clientele continues to grow steadily, with new customers joining us each day.

Now, you have the opportunity to leverage our wealth of knowledge and commitment to quality. By becoming a valued member of the Cosmetic-Studios network, you can gain a significant advantage. Take advantage of our innovative Cosmetic Studios Finder and unlock new opportunities for your business. Join IQBody today and experience the difference firsthand.

Our Product Range Includes:

  • IPL/SHR devices for permanent hair removal and skin improvement. Buy an IPL Device
  • Cryolipolysis for circumference reduction. Buy a Cryolipolysis Device
  • ND:YAG laser for tattoo removal. Buy a laser removal device
  • Used remanufactured IPL/SHR devices and laser products 

Product Variety

Our offer includes IPL / SHR and laser devices of the latest generation, as well as used, refurbished IPL / SHR and laser products. We also offer various Cryo devices as well as laser devices for tattoo removal and devices for permanent make-up.

We focus on the areas of cosmetics, fitness and health. Since we manufacture all our products ourselves, we can optimize them at any time and adapt them to the needs of the respective users.

Product Overview
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Starter & Marketing Package

Do you want to become self-employed or expand your offer? Of course, you not only need the right device, but also the right equipment! We can offer you various marketing, starter and set-up packages with which you can increase the success of your institute even further. We will find the ideal solution for you when it comes to opening, setting up, expanding or marketing your institute. You concentrate on your core business and we support you with our tailor-made solutions for lasting, measurable results.

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Marketing package


How does permanent hair removal work? How do I set up my device for the customer? We clarify these and many other questions in our extensive IPL / SHR training courses.
In our basic training courses, you will receive a manufacturer-independent basic knowledge of the individual device technologies and treatment methods. In our professional training courses, you will then have the chance to deepen your basic knowledge, increase your professionalism and stand out from the competition in the long term. After successfully completing the theoretical and practical parts, you will not only receive all training documents to read, but also an official certificate.

Would you like to be trained on our other cosmetic equipment? No problem at all! The briefing on CryoEMS and Coolskin is even more practical, because it takes place directly at your site. This not only saves you on travel costs, but also gives you the advantage of being able to clarify any questions that may arise in one-on-one meetings.

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Purchase and financing

With us you get both new and used equipment at fair prices and favorable financing conditions. In doing so, you will benefit from our innovative technology combinations, through which you will achieve profitable success for your institute. Because through our partnership and the use of the latest technologies, you not only gain customers, but also sales. We would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made financing offer!

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Purchase And Finance

All-round service

Our top quality is reflected not only in our high-quality equipment, but also in our excellent customer service. We are your technical partner for fast, reliable and competent service. We specialize in cosmetic equipment, maintenance, repairs, handpiece service and handpiece refurbishment. We at IQBody are experts in the field of apparative cosmetics and will remain with you as a competent partner even after the purchase.

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Quality "Made in Germany"

We believe that the best products still come from our German homeland. That’s why all our devices are “Made in Germany” and EU-certified. Our many years of wide-ranging expertise allow us to identify current trends and develop innovative technologies. Since all our devices are manufactured at our company site, we can directly check and optimize their quality. As members of DEUGEUK, compliance with the association’s code of conduct is also continuously monitored and ensured.

Made in Germany