CoolSKIN: Revolutionizing Beauty with Cutting-Edge Cryotherapy

Discover the new era of skincare with CoolSKIN, a state-of-the-art cryotherapy device designed to empower your beauty journey. Harness the power of extreme cold to reduce body fat and combat aging for your clients. CoolSKIN offers a non-invasive, pain-free solution that rejuvenates your skin, improves tone, and transforms your body. Start experiencing a younger, slimmer, and revitalized you today!

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Cosmetic device for Cryotherapy

Minimal effort – maximal success. Amaze your customer’s with a new cold application that cannot only reduce their body fat, but also tighten their skin, and optimize their appearance. As complex as this cosmetic device is, as simple is its operation. A big touchscreen, an intelligent software, and preset parameters make this cryo application almost self-explanatory. The easy-to-use working principle makes CoolSKIN the perfect enhancement for big cosmetic studios as well as small start-ups. And the best thing is yet to come: Thanks to two differently sized cryo handpieces you cannot only offer body applications, but also skin treatments and thereby offer holistic solutions for couperose, cellulite, or signs of aging. Increase your customer base with these refreshingly cold beauty applications from CooSKIN.

Coolskin 2
A wide range of facial treatments with CoolSKIN
  • Anti-Aging
  • Face lift
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Double chin reduction
Coolskin 1
Various body treatments with CoolSKIN
  • Fat reduction
  • Skin cleansing & skin tightening
  • Tissue Stimulation & Drainage
  • Couperose & Cellulite Applications
Coolskin 3
Gentle refrigeration application with CoolSKIN
  • for him and her
  • painless and non-invasive 
  • gentle and skin-improving
  • simple, self-explanatory application
Anti Aging Male

Facial treatments with CoolSKIN

The unbelievably wide range of applications is what makes CoolSKIN so special and an enrichment for every cosmetic studio. Because with this beauty device you can offer men and women a wide variety of cold treatments. Use the extra small handpiece to reach delicate areas of the face perfectly and massage the cold precisely into the skin. This allows you to tighten, cleanse and soften the facial skin of your customers. Simply select one of the following CoolSKIN applications for the face from the preset parameters: 

  • Fat reduction & double chin reduction
  • Wrinkle smoothing & anti-aging
  • Couperos treatments
  • Face & neck lift
  • Skin cleansing

Body treatments with CoolSKIN

While most cosmetic devices are only suitable for one application, the entire body of your customers can be pampered with the CoolSKIN. Switch to the larger handpiece after the facial treatment and treat your customers’ problem areas effectively and time-saving. The cold application can be carried out on women and men on the legs, buttocks, abdomen, chest, back and arms, giving you an incredibly large number of treatment options. Simply select a body area and start with one of the following CoolSKIN applications:

  • Skin tightening & figure optimisation
  • Tissue stimulation & drainage
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Fat reduction
  • Cellulite applications
  • Skin cleansing
Fibrous Cellulite

Simple operation

With the preset parameters, the CoolSKIN application a piece of cake: First, select your customer in the system and their gender
Next, select either the face or one of the proposed areas of the body for cold application.
Now select one of the numerous CoolSKIN applications and the recommended parameter settings will be suggested in the next step. Of course, you can adapt them individually to your customers at any time.

Features of CoolSKIN

Settings Gears
Wide range of applications
High Quality "Made in Germany"
Different hadnpieces for face & body
Seo 2
Marketing and furnishing packages
Free training including certificate
For him and her
Simple, self-explanatory operation
Open Cardboard Box
Free starter pack
Maintenance, repairs, and service
Certification Document Text Paper Black Interface Symbol
2 Year Guarantee

Gentle Application

Effective beauty treatments without health risks? No problem with CoolSKIN’s gentle cold sessions. This cosmetic device is almost self-explanatory to use and particularly low-risk to use. This makes it suitable even for young professionals or beauticians who want to get started in cold therapy. Of course, you will receive the necessary background knowledge on theory and practice from us in a one-day training course including device instruction. Complement your range of applications and start directly into the world of cold therapy. The applications with CoolSKIN are guaranteed to be painless, skin-friendly and non-invasive. This allows you to delight your customers with a soothing beauty treatment that optimizes their skin and figure without hard work, health concerns, or downtime. 

  • Technology
  • Service
  • Specifications
  • Technology should be logical, not complicated. That’s why we’ve developed smart software that guides you step-by-step through the CoolSKIN application.


    Thanks to our predetermined parameters, all you have to do is select the gender, scope and type of application via the touch screen and you will be presented with the recommended settings by the system.


    The handling of the device itself is almost as easy as that of the software: Simply choose the right handpiece size and slowly massage the cold into the skin of your customers. Instructions for the individual refrigeration applications can also always be found directly on the CoolSKIN screen.


    A simple design paired with an extensive range of applications make the CoolSKIN a guarantee of success even for career starters. Take advantage of our free training offer including certificate and training materials as well as our detailed device instructions to familiarise yourself with CoolSKIN and get started in the cosmetics business.

  • With us you not only get a cosmetic device, but also a complete service package. We offer free starter packs, marketing materials and equipment briefings for each of our products.


    In addition, you will receive a one-day training course on the theory and practice of refrigeration applications with CoolSKIN free of charge, including a certificate of participation and all training materials to take away.


    Do you realise during your work that you still have unanswered questions? No problem! You can still reach our customer service at any time after your purchase to find out more about refrigeration applications or CoolSKIN.

    • Case: Plexiglass
    • Display: 10.4inch LCD Android touch screen
    • Cold Plates: 1 large body handpiece 1 small face handpiece
    • Cooling: down to -10 degrees C
    • Power supply: 230V / 10A / 50Hz
    • Internet: Wifi
    • Conformance: CE


    Running Paramter


    • Workspace: 1.5m
    • Temperature: 0-25 degrees C
    • Humidity: 70%
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 860-1060hPa

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