Pushing the Boundaries of Beauty with CryoEMS

Experience the CryoEMS revolution. Our 2-in-1 device offers advanced cryo applications for face and body, while stimulating tissues for enhanced beauty results.

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Introducing TIO Plus: A Game Changer for Your Beauty Salon

Revolutionise your beauty services with CryoEMS, an innovative cryo device that elevates cryolipolysis treatments. Provide your customers with the most efficient active cryo treatments for both face and body, or allow them to indulge in supremely soothing passive cryo applications, facilitated by straight and curved cooling plates tailored to address a diverse range of problem areas.

If you aspire to maximise the results of every session and believe that cryolipolysis alone is not sufficient, CryoEMS has the answer. Simply engage the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) function on our cryo plates to simultaneously leverage two potent beauty techniques.

Our 2-in-1 multifunctional device merges cryolipolysis with electrical muscle stimulation to offer an extensive variety of cold applications. From face lifting, tissue stimulation, skin tightening, to anti-aging and fat reduction – CryoEMS equips you to handle it all with ease and expertise.

Multiple application possibilities with CryoEMS
  • cryolipolysis and EMS
  • for active and passive cold treatments
  • with standard and curved cryo plates
  • for face and body areas
Cryoems Seitlich
Wide range of applications with CryoEMS
  • fat reduction
  • firming and lifting
  • drainage and tissue stimulation
  • anti-aging and cleaning
Cryoems Zoom
Gentle cryo applications with CryoEMS
  • for him and her
  • pain-free and non-invasive
  • gentle and kind to the skin
  • simple and self-explanatory operation
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Multiple Application Possibilities

Every CryoEMS comes with a small and big handpiece, with which you can easily reach every application area on your customer’s body or in their face. Take matters into you own hand and massage the pleasant cold deep into the skin. Since our handpieces are easy to use and handily shaped, you will learn how to operate the active mode of our cryolipolysis device in no time. Massage the cool temperatures slowly into your customer’s skin and thereby cause a more relaxing cryo session and guarantee an even more effective cryo treatment. This innovative technique will turn every standard application into a unique wellness experience and thereby effortless transform your new clients into regular guests.

Choose between our standard and curved versions to fit the cryo plates perfectly on your customer’s problem zones – our curved plates are ideal for legs or hips while our standard plates are suitable for arms or belly. Simply apply the cryo plates to your customer’s body by using the supplied stretching bands. Then select the preset parameters according to your customer, application area, and treatment goal for transforming your cryotherapy session into a passive application with minimum effort on your part. If you choose to also add the automatically integrated EMS function to your treatment, you can create a truly unique cryo experience for your customer. Combine cryolipolysis with electrical muscle stimulation for an effective and effortless beauty treatment.

Fat Removal Male

Wide Range of Application

Fat reduction
Anti-double chin

Features of CRYO EMS

Settings Gears
3 Technologies:
High Quality "Made in Germany"
Largely independent of hair and skin type
Seo 2
Marketing and furnishing packages
Free training including certificate
Unattended and secure thanks to PIN code lock
Simple operation and preset application parameters
Open Cardboard Box
Free starter pack
Maintenance and repairs
Certification Document Text Paper Black Interface Symbol
2 Year Guarantee


Gentle and Simple

CryoEMS is the perfect complement for your studio! Because this cryolipolysis device can be used both actively and passively and thus inspires your customers with numerous application possibilities. Despite the variety of treatments, the CryoEMS device is incredibly easy to use. Our free training is sufficient to familiarize yourself with the background knowledge of cold therapy and the use of the device. The intelligent software paired with the preset application parameters subsequently turns the cold therapy into an almost self-explanatory cryolipolysis session. This allows you to quickly and easily add to your application program and offer your customers a new beauty highlight.

CRYO EMS: Innovative. Enjoyable. Efficient.

CRYO EMS belongs to our wide range of apparative cosmetic devices. The EMS/cryolipolysis device allows you to work comfortably and without your permanent supervision effectively and thus contribute to the profitable equipment of your studio.

Size reduction and Cryolipolysis & Muscle Stimulation with EMS

Through the co-ordinated combination of three technologies in the 8 plates of the CRYO EMS you have the possibility to select several body areas at the same time during the application. The CRYO EMS Cryolipolysis device can be used as a basic foundation for your beauty salon or as an extension of your beauty salon, tanning salon or gym.

The Advantages of CRYO EMS
  • Unique combination – three technologies in one device
  • Simultaneous application on up to 8 body areas
  • Painless application through security software
  • In addition, skin enhancement by LED
  • As an apparatus base for your studio
  • Extension of the offer in your studio
  • Comfortable for both the user and the customer
  • Long-term worthwhile investment
  • Timely amortisation
  • Technology
  • Service
  • Service
  • Specifications
  • CryoEMS offers you an unparalleled 2-in-1 advantage! Because with cryolipolysis and electrical muscle stimulation combined in one device, you get the double beauty advantage. Pamper your customers with two new techniques as well as numerous new applications. This successful combination of cold and electricity can simultaneously reduce the fat of your customers, improve the appearance of the skin and tighten the tissue. In conjunction with the cold handpieces, you can also offer facial treatments and pamper your customers with a soothing complete wellness package. 

    The metal discs on the handpieces are cold plates that can be cooled down to approx. 0 °C. They are tempered in such a way that they are gentle on the skin, but at the same time achieve effective beauty effects. Due to the constant, long-lasting cold, fat cells can be broken down, the tissue can be stimulated or the skin can be tightened, among other things.

    When used with the cold plates, an EMS function can also be switched on in addition to cryolipolysis. The electromagnetic pulses are transmitted from the handpiece via the pads to the body, which stimulates the muscles to contractions and additionally promotes fat loss. 


  • Complex technology – simple operation. We want to produce cosmetic devices for everyone, which do not require a doctorate, but can be learned quickly and easily. Based on our decades of work with beauticians, we know how to do this. We know the everyday life in the beauty salon and understand the challenges you usually have to deal with here. That’s why our cryolipolysis device is particularly easy to use and almost self-explanatory in its choice of application. Thanks to the intelligent software, the preset parameters and the passive mode, the cryolipolysis session will be child’s play for you.
    To make it easier for you to get started in the world of cryotherapy, we also offer training courses on cryolipolysis and device operation. Here you will receive the necessary theoretical background knowledge on cryolipolysis and EMS as well as the practical knowledge for controlling the CryoEMS software. Afterwards, you can of course take home all training materials as well as a cryolipolysis certificate.

  • Good service is our top priority. And in order to be able to guarantee this, we manufacture all our products directly at our company headquarters in Werneck. After all, comprehensive customer support can only be achieved if planning, production and sales come from a single source. We know our devices inside out and can therefore provide you with the best possible advice on all functions, problems and possible applications. Because our customer service does not end with the sale of the device, but only begins with it. We offer free training, training certificates and information materials about our cryolipolysis device CryoEMS and will be happy to advise you at any time by phone, e-mail or directly on site. With our all-round service offer, you are always in the best hands.

    • Cold Plates: 8 pieces, cooling range 70 x 70mm
    • EMS: 1 pulse per cold plate, 3 different programs
    • EMS Pads: 2 per cold plate
    • Cryo: down to -1o degrees C
    • Water: 230V / 10A / 50Hz
    • Weight: 40kg
    • LED: 430nm
    • Metrics: 37 x 52 x 117cm
    • Display: 15in
    • Heat exchanger: 3-fold heat exchanger
    • Power cord length: 200cm
    • Case Material: Plexiglass
    • Care products for cry0-metal plates: Polishing paste


    Running Parameter


    • Workspace: 1.5m
    • Temperature: 0-25 degrees C
    • Humidity: 70%
    • Atmospheric pressure: 860-1060hPA

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